Saturday, 19 May 2012


What fun! Yesterday I attended my first Fabric~a~brac with my friends Sian, Sammy and dozens of other fabric enthusiasts. Fabric-a-brac is a fabric sale which is held twice a year here in Wellington (there are also Fabric-a-brac's held in Sydney, Brisbane and Palmerston North). This weekend's event was held in a church hall in Newtown.  It was a bit overwhelming at first, the doors opened at 9am, we were there at about quarter past and it was jam packed. My spendings came in under budget and went home with a pile of treasures. There was also tasty (and cheap) home baking- the lemon cupcakes and chocolate centred yo-yo's made for a great breakfast. 

Made Marion had one of my favourite stalls, I got a bundle of fabric dyes for my mom's doll making, luminous thread for my bf's fly tying and embroidery frames for me. Check out the three examples of beautiful fabric above, other stand out purchases were of  ten vintage handkerchiefs and doilies for around one dollar each! 

The whole event had a really nice vibe, people were happy to have to opportunity to hunt for bargains. 

 I can't wait for the next Fabric~a~brac event in November!


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